Simple Steps to create an Amazing Candy Buffet

In the 21st Century, entrepreneurs have found creative ways to decorate party events. This article will provide simple steps to create an amazing candy buffet for future events. A candy buffet is the new trendy product that most people are requesting at special events “from small parties and baby showers to large weddings.” This is a perfect time to learn the skills of decorating candy because it can be used for multiple events. A candy buffet is a collection of different types of candy with decorative coats. It requires patience and the willingness to follow directions in order to master the artwork of each candy.

Follow the six simple steps to set up a Candy Buffet and watch all the fabulous compliments that follow. Step one entails choosing a theme and color for the buffet. Choose the theme based on the type of party being hosted. For example, the theme may be a baby shower for a girl. One example can be a teddy bear and a jar of pink or white candy. Jelly beans or M & M’s are candy that has solid colors. The idea of a baby theme normally is pink or white colors. Another party maybe be for a little boy birthday party. The theme could be Superman with red and black colors.

Having a candy buffet can take the place for party favors. They are attractive, fun ways to interact with others. Once the theme and colors are chosen, the next goal is finding candy that matches those specific colors. Step two involve choosing the type of candy to use. Candy boxes that come in bulks may be a smart investment versus buying one at a time. Four easy categories are bulk loose candy, individually packaged candy, designer candy and display candy for decoration use only. There should be an option to buy candy boxes for display only. Candy Warehouse sells quality candy products that make it simpler to find the right colors for your set up.

Step three entails prepping your table before ordering any candy. That helps confirm how much candy to order based on the size of the table to fill. Normally, a 6′ table is enough for small events and 8′ tables for larger events. Using clear containers will assure the color show through when displaying the candy set up. If you choose to use bulk candy, use containers large in width so scoops can fit but short in length in order to get to the bottom.

Step four is when you decide how much candy to use. Candy Warehouse top rule is ordering 8-ounce candy boxes per guest. It will depend on the type of candy you choose to determine how much candy to buy. For example, a 5 lb bag of small M&M’s will need more individual pieces to fill an 8 oz jar compared to Jelly Beans.

Next, step five encourages you to choose a tablecloth, backdrop, and centerpiece that will blow your guest mind. One example is using a fabulous vinyl pink backdrop with a sparkle table linen and themed “bling bling” centerpiece. A cupcake tower can help give height in the middle of the table. Finally, step six is all about the final touches. Add any final details that can make a wow effect. One themed party had cupcake toppers with a Lolli-tag Sticks with a bow. It helped complete an astonishing Candy Buffet. Get started with your Candy Buffet set-up today.


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