The Power of Branding

Do you own a business that makes confectionaries, sweets, cupcakes, candies, or anything else that would fit along these lines? Perhaps it’s one that is well known throughout your locale. Or maybe you’re an up and coming business looking to get your name out there so that people know 1) you exist and 2) your products are out of this world.

Something that a lot of people in this industry fail to realize is the power of easy marketing. While it may seem like you’re struggling to get customers in your doors, things can be a lot easier simply with your packaging and boxing alone.

Take, for example, the white paper bag. A lot of businesses that make sweets and confectionaries have their own logo stamped on a white paper bag used to hold donuts, candies, cupcakes, fudge, and whatever else you can think of. It’s ridiculously cheap to get a lot of these bags in bulk, and while you may want your own “official to go bags” that are made somewhere professionally, you can get away with having someone stamp your logo on the bags at first.

This is easy advertising, really, because anyone who goes in to get something from your shop will likely leave with something. And when they leave, they’ll have it in a container. Whether you offer candy boxes, the aforementioned white paper bags, or some other method of sending treats along with your patrons as they head back home, you want your branding to be noticeable on the packaging itself. How else are people supposed to know about you? If your customers happen to walk by other people as they’re carrying their goods to the car, other passersby may see your logo and be interested in your products.

This is essentially free marketing that you must be taking advantage of. While the numbers aren’t easily traced in terms of who came in to your shop because they saw your name on a white bag, the whole point is that this will be costing you pretty much nothing to brand your to go candy boxes and bags.

Stay ahead of your competitors by always considering your branding. If you can brand your business on apparel and sell it, do it. If you can brand all of your to go packages and bagging, do it. If you can get your name out there on social media by making a Facebook and Instagram page with pictures of your product, do it. There’s no better way to seem more legit than to make others aware of your presence. This is the absolute first step to getting your name out there and coming off as a real, legit business.


Author: Adela Johnson

Set new standards for deploying dust for the underprivileged. Uniquely-equipped for testing the market for Virgin Mary figurines in Deltona, FL. Lead a team exporting dolls in the UK.

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